Last Updated 22 Nov 2022 Review: Is It Worth It? Top 10 Features is an ICANN-accredited domain name register and web hosting company that provides a range of services to individuals and businesses worldwide. was founded in 2003 to provide affordable, reliable, and secure domain registration and hosting services. Since then, the company has become one of the top domain registrars in the world, with over 2 million domain names under management. also provides web hosting services, website building, email services, and other digital tools for businesses. offers 24/7 customer support, a money-back guarantee, and no hidden fees, making it a great choice for businesses and individuals who need to register and manage a domain name.

Pros and Cons

Pros of

  • Affordable domain registration and hosting services for many TLD, especially on sales
  • Reliable and secure domain registration and hosting services
  • Over 2 million domain names under management
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No hidden fees
  • Website builders and email services

Cons of

  • Higher renewal fees than some competitors
  • Limited customization options for websites
  • No dedicated server hosting
  • Only year plans for some addons
  • WHOIS privacy and SSL certificates are not free and bundled for $4.99 a year
  • Pricy .com domains support

Customers of have been praising the great customer support team when they have an issue or a question. The customer service team is known for being incredibly helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their experience. Whether it’s an issue with a domain name, website hosting, or something else, has been able to provide a quality customer service experience that many other websites can’t match. Support is very helpful to keep the uptime of your site high in case you have sudden issues or questions and it includes:

  • Live chat – you can use the help of live chat agents from 12am – 5pm MST (Mountain Time, Denver, USA). You can use tools like Woldtimebuddy to check if it matches more regular working hours 8 am – 6 pm in your timezone. The help is available Monday to Friday and on weekends as well. Out of live agents’ working hours you can use the help of their chatbot.
  • Knowledge Base Articles & Tutorials – use their extensive
  • Ticketing system – you can create a ticket on any issue you have a any time

While you can find phone number – they do not provide phone support.

Top features of offers some great additional features that are sure to make your website experience a breeze. They offer web hosting, simple site-building tools, and even a free domain name when you sign up for their premium plans. They also provide search engine optimization services to help your site get noticed and rank higher in search engine results. With so many great features, is a great choice for anyone looking to build an online presence.

1. Transparent pricing

Is name com good? You need to decide for yourself. makes it easy to decide if pricing is good for your needs in a transparent table of pricing. You can compare and sort prices and see sales deals for initial registration, renewal, and transfer of a domain, which isn’t hiding. You can filter the table by the TLD you need.

2. Attractive Deals on some TLDs and other products seems to be one of the domain registrars which provides an easy way to see all promotions at once in easy to view table. Some plans include a year of domain registration for a very attractive price like .ONLINE and .XYZ for $1.99, but pay attention to the reviewal price.

Additionally, you may be offered a signification 52% discount when you buy several TLDs at once:

Another worthy promotion to check is 1 year .COM domain for $0.99 if you buy a yearly plan for Google Workspace, which also comes with a professional business email. One more deal could be getting a 1-year free Google Workspace addon with a year of one domain free and with a free SSL certificate for the time you have a yearly plan of Wix site builder purchase with New clients also get 15% discount, and there are more promotions available:

3. Professional business email options

If you need a business email you can get it with with 2 variations which you can choose when you purchase a domain or add later.

  • The first option is a Google Workspace addon which comes with business Gmail, 30GB of cloud storage, Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other Google products.

  • Another custom email hosting option is Titan Email solution with which you can have emails like This solution comes with 90 days free trial, and you can get email addresses with 2 plans
  • Business Pro for $2.00 a month per email, 10 GB storage per account, which could be ideal for small teams
  • Business Premium for $2.5 a month per email, 50 GB storage per account, and this planc goes with some additional features like email templates, followup reminders, scheduled send and some others.

4. Name com website builder is the best domain registrar to use as an all-in-one website builder for the one-page website or more complex business sites because it goes with direct integration and you can purchase a subscription during a domain purchase. And can be considered an industry leader in website-building solutions, and since it is well established solution, you can add all you need to your web site, for example google analytics.

For ease of use if you would like to be a one page website owner kind review their option to build very simple sites which goes at affordable $4.99 per year and you may be elated to hear that it comes with additional features like simple templates good for contact page or small portfolio, 1 forwarding email address and 15 GB storage.

5. SSL certificates options and website security

Some plans include a free encryption with a free SSL certificate if you purchase some yearly plan deals, however by default SSL is not free, and the cheapest option to get domain security with SSL is $0.83 monthly if you get is separately, and will cost $4.99 a year per domain.

6. E-commerce support

While being an icann-accredited domain registrar, can also support your e-commerce needs in form of integration with If you get Wix website builder addon with a business unlimited yearly plan for $29 monthly you will get a full eCommerce platform with next features:


 Full eCommerce Platform

 Free Google Workspace

 Free Advanced Security

 Free domain

 100 GB storage

 10 video hour

 Unlimited products

 Secure online payments

 Plans & recurring payments

 Sell on social channels

 Sell on marketplaces

 Customer accounts

 Abandoned cart recovery


 Multiple currencies

 Automated sales tax on 100 transactions/mo

 Advanced shipping

 Dropshipping by Modalyst (Up to 250 products)

 Product reviews by KudoBuzz (up to 1,000 reviews)

7. Advanded secrurity include security features like Whois privacy and different SSL options, Domain Lock, however, those come at additional cost. They partner with SiteLock, to provide a packaged solution to provide web security, help you to find vulnerabilities, and improve your site speed, the cheapest package goes for $2.08 per month.

8. Aftermarket options is a registrar that offers as well aftermarket domains where you can check premium and expiring domains, maybe you can get a good deal for your niche, or some idea insights.

9. 24/7/365 Customer Support is proud to offer 24/7 support to all of its customers. Their dedicated team of customer service representatives are available to provide assistance to their customers via phone, email, or chat. Whether you need help understanding our product features, setting up a domain, or troubleshooting technical issues, our knowledgeable representatives are here to help you get the most out of your experience. support team understands the importance of being able to access help when needed and are committed to responding quickly and accurately to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

10. 30-day money-back guarantee

As a general rule you can find that provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on most of the products, but there could be expectation like .CA has shorter refund duration while you can refurd .MX for 45 days, and some TLDs are not refundable. Refer refund policy details page for more details. hosting plan breakdown

Name com hosting plans include different options. Shared hosting plans include WordPress hosting and Web hosting products. And there is dedicated cloud hosting options in partnership with DititalOcean.

Shared hosting packages

1. WordPress hosting

You can go with to buy a domain and bundle it with WordPress hosting for an affordable price of €2.36 /month* but it will be billed for 12 months and not monthly. As a bonus, such plans include a free encryption everywhere SSL certificate, come with unlimited storage and bandwidth, and free daily automatic backups.

2. Web hosting

Second type of hosting is Web hosting and it comes in form of 3 plans, all include 1-click setup for WordPress with cPanel

PERSONAL WEBSITE HOSTING – 1 Year plan for $6.00 a month

 Supports 1 Website

 10 GB Disk Space

 100 GB Bandwidth

 100 Email Accounts

 10 MySQL database

PREMIUM WEBSITE HOSTING1 Year plan for €8.00 a month

 Supports 25 Websites

 100 GB Disk Space

 1,000 GB Bandwidth

 Unlimited Email Accounts

 50 MySQL database

BUSINESS WEBSITE HOSTING1 Year plan for €13.00 a month

 Unlimited Websites

 Unlimited GB Disk Space

 Unlimited GB Bandwidth

 Unlimited Email Accounts

 Unlimited MySQL database

Cloud hosting plans

Cloud hosting comes in a partnership with DigitalOcean, a well-known hosting provider.

DIGITALOCEAN BASIC 25GB – $6.00 monthly

 1GB Memory


 1000GB Transfer


DIGITALOCEAN BASIC 60GB – $18.00 monthly

 2GB Memory


 3TB Transfer


DIGITALOCEAN BASIC 160GB – $48.00 monthly

 8GB Memory


 5TB Transfer

 160GB SSD

Name com reviews from customers rating on Trustpilot is a solid 4.4 star from expert opinions of real customers. If you’re looking for for simple staighfowrad domain management company then can be everything you need, all depends on your need of additional features besides domain names which may be lacking compared to companies like Namecheap.

Registration Process with has been offering a streamlined domain registration experience to its customers since its inception. Its simple and intuitive user interface allows users to register their domains quickly and easily. With features such as bulk domain registration, domain name suggestion, domain protection, and domain forwarding, has been making the registration process more accessible. Additionally, has also integrated with a popular web hosting provider, further reducing the time and effort needed to register a domain. With these tools, has been able to improve the domain registration process and provide an optimal experience for its customers with easy to use dashboard. Payment is also easy, you can use PayPal, Google Pay or Credit/Debit Cards. Even if you don’t have an account you can search for a domain, add chosen one to a shopping card, and create an account during the checkout process.

Conclusion’s domain registration feature has recently seen a major upgrade, and the new and improved service. With their intuitive interface, customers can now quickly and easily find the perfect domain name for their project.’s intuitive search feature allows customers to search for a domain name that’s relevant to their project and avoid any potential conflicts. Additionally, customers can now access powerful tools such as domain WHOIS lookup and domain history lookup to make sure that their desired domain name is available and that it hasn’t been previously used. also offers customers customizable privacy settings to protect their personal information and make sure that their domain is secure.

But is it the right host and domain services company for you? With all of these features,’s domain registration is the best it has ever been for domain registration, but renewal prices can be higher than competitors’ and sorry to hear but SSL and domain privacy through affordable at $4.99 a year for both, but don’t come free with a domain. However, if you are specifically interested in a bundled deal with a Google Workspace, interested in Wix website builder, or familiar with DititalOcean hosting – then maybe you can find a good deal here.

Thank you for your kind attention, hoping this helped you understand what offers as we continue to do our best to help you make your purchase decision.

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